Located in Arlington, TX just South of the Parks Mall, AudioThesis was created with the goal of becoming a part of your audio journey, not just selling you a product.  Our mission is to build relationships that cultivate further knowledge and love for all things audio.  

By only choosing to represent products which we can stand behind, we have dedicated ourselves to enriching your journey with brands who truly put their best foot forward.  When we select products, we do not look for what sells - we look for the goosebumps to run up and down our arms.

We feel confident that regardless of how big or small your budget is, how difficult your room is, or how simple or encompassing you want a component to be, we have a solution for you.


AudioThesis is a project we had been working towards for several years.  In April 2015, the business became a reality when we signed up our first product line - Usher Audio.  After years of enjoyment from their products and serving as an advocate for the brand, this agreement gave us a foundation to build upon.  Several other brands quickly found their way into our offerings, including Parasound, Dayens, Martin Logan, iFi, and Rosso Fiorentino.

In December 2015, a great family tragedy put the future of AudioThesis in question.  In a way, the project disappeared for several months as it transitioned from Aubrey, TX to Fort Worth, TX.  In August 2016, it was relocated yet again to Arlington, TX.  After a few months the project was growing legs again.  We began to expand our product lines and saw a bright future ahead.

In March 2017, AudioThesis took a great leap forward as we began discussions with North Star Design.  After a personal visit from the CEO, Jessica Hazewinkel, the two companies decided to work together as AudioThesis became the USA distributor for North Star Design.

Shortly after, our relationship with Rosso Fiorentino evolved from dealer to serving as the USA distributor as well.  After a few months, we were able to welcome our third superb Italian manufacturer, MastersounD, to our stable of imports.

In addition to these fine Italian lines, we continue to strive to bring you the best that this industry has to offer.  Our most recent additions include Sonner Audio, Harbeth, and Star Sound Technologies.