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Where High End meets
High Engagement

Our mission is simple: to build relationships that cultivate further knowledge and love for all things audio.  We serve the hifi community through product distribution and professional services.  

Our portfolio not only represents great value and great products, but also the great people behind those products.  It is not enough to simply perform well: any line we carry also comes with our stamp of approval.  They are companies we want to do business with because they do things the right way.  This portfolio is also designed to offer opportunities to reach your destination rather than riding a carousel of gear.  High End Audio can be an expensive hobby, and we hand select our lines through testing so you don't have to.


Our primary focus is to import fine audio components we feel offer something unique in the marketplace.  We are always looking for opportunities for growth, yet selective in our process. 

The same process is taken with our dealer network.  In order to serve our clients best, we are selective in who we allow to represent these brands.

Norma Audio Electronics
Turnbull Full Adapted.png

AudioThesis imports two product lines from Italy:  Rosso Fiorentino located in Florence and Norma Audio from Cremona.  Both lines offer world-class sound at attainable prices, allowing easier access to the world of high fidelity.

We also distribute Turnbull Audio.  Coming from Colorado, these products exemplify what is possible when design stems from performance rather than price.


Rosso Fiorentino is more than just a loudspeaker manufacturer.  It is enthusiasm for the magic that happens every time we create a loudspeaker, it’s a way of life, it’s love for music and for its ability to stir emotions and bring people together.


With the Rosso Fiorentino systems, Francesco Rubenni wishes to convey his culture to the listeners - a culture deeply rooted within all team members - based on a common passion for live music, an academic background in electroacoustics, and the instinctive pursuit of elegance.

Norma Audio Electronics
Based in Cremona Italy, Norma Audio has been been creating sophisticated audio amplifiers for over 20 years. Technical skill and musical sensitivity have been merged together much like the instruments used to create our favorite music.
The sound of Norma products is unique, representing a synthesis of parameters which often conflict with each other. Dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency are combined with extraordinary musicality and a total lack of listening fatigue. The conflicts between solid state and valves are finally overcome, leaving space only for pure listening pleasure.
Turnbull Audio.JPG
Turnbull Full Adapted.png
The name Turnbull was royally and prestigiously ascribed: while riding through the Scottish countryside, a bull charged the king’s carriage. William Augustus leaped onto the bull’s back, grabbed the horns, turned it away from the carriage, and became William Augustus Turnbull.  Four generations later, Turnbull Audio technology embraces this spirit, harnessing and refining electrical power.
True refinement leaves no mark.  This is the defining principle of Turnbull Audio.  There should be no character, no fingerprint, no DNA, no artifact of any kind to distinctly identify the refiner. Turnbull Audio products only bear our mark once this virtue is achieved.  It has taken 15 years of development for our products to be granted the mark of Turnbull Audio.

The official launch is November 2024.  Pre-orders are available
and encouraged as we fulfill on a first come basis.  While our dealer network is developing, we do have dealers ready to guide clients on their journey with Turbull Audio.  Please see below for our approved USA dealers.

While there are many theories and approaches to setup, we at AudioThesis have spent years developing our own approach alongside industry leaders in this field.  Each stereo system may be different, but this process is repeatable and effective in every system.

Our approach infuses measurements as instruments to aid our most capable tool: our ears.  Our final speaker placement will be based off time alignment, tonality, and phase coherency.  These are elements that are readily audible and perceivable but require measuring devices and experience to achieve.


In addition to distribution, AudioThesis offers its professional setup services to consumers and dealers alike.  A proper setup can transform a collection of components into a synergistic system.  All audiophiles know the speaker-room interaction is critical, but our experience indicates that too much emphasis is on the room and not enough on the speaker set.

Professional Services



We are happy to assist you on your journey any way we can.  Inquiries for products, demonstrations, or additional services we provide are all welcome.

Arlington, TX


We appreciate you reaching out!

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