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Enjoy The Music covers AudioThesis at Southwest Audio Fest 2024

"Skip" had reached out to me before the event to inform me that he had a new product line to introduce while remaining somewhat cryptic beyond that. When "The Voice That Is" principal and friend Doug White and I made our way into the room, we found Qobuz's David Solomon in the hot seat playing selections from the 2020 release, Life Goes On, by Carla Bley on piano, Andy Sheppard on Sax, and Steve Swallow on bass. We couldn't have asked for a better recording to highlight this system's strengths, including its incredibly lucid rendering of the piano and upright bass.
I asked for a sample of the "Ode to Joy," from that previously mentioned Solti / CSO / Beethoven's 9th, and was rewarded with a nice rendering of tone and texture, though I felt that overall the system was just a bit thin in establishing corporal instrumental body.
Moving to Roger Waters' 2022 The Knockdown Sessions version of "Comfortably Numb," revealed remarkable space, air, and an overall involving recreation of dimensionality, especially in width, with remarkably good extension at both extremes.

Greg Weaver,


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