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Jay's Audio Lab and the Rosso Fiorentino Certaldo 2 with WAY Cables at Capital Audio Fest 2023

Updated: Feb 2

In speaking with Jay, its apparent he has a fondness for Rosso Fiorentino. This is the third pair he has heard after hearing the Volterra 2 and Siena 2 at last year's Capital Audio Fest.

The Certaldo 2 are accompanied by the entry level of WAY Cables - the Silver 4+ Interconnects, Silver 3 ANA+ Speaker Cables, and the Substance+ Power Cables. Since we had a spare, we did include the PoetryX Coaxial cable. Also included in the system is the Perreaux 200ix, the Eversolo DMP-A8, and the AudioQuest Niagara 5000. All in, this was a very musical and engaging system with a high focus on value-oriented products.

Much thanks to Forte Distribution for their partnership in this room.

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