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The Elba 2 receives Editors Choice from The Absolute Sound

Updated: Feb 2

Quoted directly from The Absolute Sound, Issue 314, March 2021:

"This gorgeous Italian-made floorstander sounds as good as it looks. With walnut side panels and a baffle covered in textured leather, the Elba 2 exudes Italian elegance. The two-and-a-half-way Elba 2 features dual 6.5" coated-fiberglass midrange/woofers mated to a silk-dome tweeter. The Elba has a remarkable refinement, coherence, resolution, and a flat tonal balance. The tweeter is exceptionally smooth, revealing fine detail without etch. The bottom end has real extension, giving the Elba 2 a sense of weight without bloat. When properly positioned, the Elba 2 is capable of outstanding soundstaging."

Look for the full review in the April 2021 Issue of The Absolute Sound!

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