MastersounD Compact 300b

MastersounD Compact 300b

The 300B is a staple in high quality single-ended design.  While this amp is only 15 watts per channel, it is more than enough to power most speakers in small to mid-size rooms.

Like all of Mastersound's amplifiers, this is a single-ended design.

Technical specifications

  • Single Ended, Class A Design

  • Output Power:    15 watts per channel

  • RCA Inputs:    3x line level,   1x direct (preamp bypass)

  • XLR Inputs:    1x line level,   1x direct (preamp bypass)

  • Tubes:    2x ECC802 (12au7),   2x 6SN7,   2x 300B

  • MastersounD Transformer

  • Automatic Bias

  • Included Remote Control

  • Dimensions:    18.25" x 16.5" x 11"

  • Weight:    73 lbs.   (33 kg)