MastersounD Compact 845

MastersounD Compact 845

The 845 is considered by many to be the king of power tubes.  This is the reason so many flagship tube amplifiers bear these large tubes, including the MastersounD PF100 Monoblocks.  At 30 watts per channel, this amplifier should give you enough power to handle most traditional speakers.

Like all of Mastersound's amplifiers, this is a single-ended design.

Technical specifications

  • Single Ended, Class A Design

  • Output Power:    30 watts per channel

  • RCA Inputs:    3x line level,   1x direct (preamp bypass)

  • XLR Inputs:    1x line level,   1x direct (preamp bypass)

  • Tubes:    2x ECC802 (12au7),   2x 6SN7,   2x 845

  • MastersounD Transformer

  • Automatic Bias

  • Included Remote Control

  • Dimensions:    18.25" x 16.5" x 11"

  • Weight:    75 lbs.   (34 kg)