Dayens Ampino Integrated Amplifier

Dayens Ampino Integrated Amplifier

"The Ampino will transport you to where you can sit back and listen for hours to music rather than an audio system." 


- Steve Kozle, Stereomojo



"The Ampino is an extremely solid performer that does punch above its weight. With loudspeaker matchmaking done right, it excels with speed and downright ebullience, providing a richer, fruitier alternative to the more established players in the budget integrated field."


- John Darko, Digital Audio Review





  • Power (Watt):  2x25 / 8 Ohm  -  2x40 / 4 Ohm

  • Inputs:  2

  • Frequency response (Hz):  4Hz - 200kHz

  • SNR (dB):  >92

  • Dimensions (mm):  150x285x90

  • Weight (kg):  3.7