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Dayens Ecstasy III Integrated Amplifier

Dayens Ecstasy III Integrated Amplifier

Successor to long-lasting Ecstasy II, Ecstasy III is our best integrated amplifier to date. It surpasses Ampino and Menuetto in all means. It has carefully designed circuits and layout, high-quality and reliable components, with a focus on as natural sound as possible.



Here are a few words describing the Ecstasy II:


"The Ecstasy III was expertly, beautifully and sophisticatedly voiced.  Here the core appeal is sweet, slightly soft and mellow, warm and distinctly not dry plus very spacious without being ultra specific about it.   Referring to my Ampino review, I'd wager a guess that in a direct A/B the Ecstasy III would primarily trump the li'l guy with richer more glowing tone textures and as such a richer overall milieu with more 'wetness' and refinement.  In short, it's been voiced to sound beautiful rather than ultimately dynamic and energetic. Considering the majority of likely speakers it'll be mated with, that would appear to have been a deliberate and well-informed decision.".


-Srajan Ebaen of 6moons






  • Remote volume control (by universal remote)

  • Alps RK27MC Blue Velvet motorized potentiometer

  • Two pairs of Japanese (bipolar) output transistors per channel

  • 400VA toroidal transformer

  • Mundorf MLytic® AG Audio Grade Power capacitors

  • Mundorf MCap® Supreme input capacitors





  • Power (Watt):  2x100 / 8 Ohm  -  2x150 / 4 Ohm

  • Inputs:  4

  • Frequency response (Hz):  1Hz - 200kHz

  • SNR (dB):  >92

  • Dimensions (mm):  460x110x380

  • Weight (kg):  14

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