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Dayens Menuetto Integrated Amplifier

Dayens Menuetto Integrated Amplifier

"After spending a couple of years in audio bliss with the Ampino, I felt the need to scratch my audiophile itch, and upgraded to their higher-end integrated amplifier, the Dayens Menuetto. An upgrade of this caliber requires a great deal of faith in a company and its products for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Dayens products are built in Serbia, and not readily available for audition in the US unless you live near their single US distributor in Georgia, which I do not. That said, I'm extremely happy with my new Dayens Menuetto integrated - it offers the same open, lively sound, and extremely wide frequency range (1Hz - 200kHz). Output that is more dialed in, and just a touch more refined and dignified than the already excellent Ampino. Think: less "jumpy." "


-Steve Kozle, Positive Feedback






  • Power (Watt):  2x50 / 8 Ohm  -  2x70 / 4 Ohm

  • Inputs:  4

  • Remote: Yes

  • Frequency response (Hz):  1Hz - 200kHz

  • SNR (dB):  >92

  • Dimensions (mm):  230x105x350

  • Weight (kg):  6.5

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