MastersounD Dueventi

MastersounD Dueventi

The Dueventi might be one of the best bargains in audio.  Designed around the popular el34 power tube, the Dueventi offers a romantic and engaging presentation with superb finesse while offering a MM phono input as well as remote volume control.  Utilizing a switch on the back, it can be operated in Pentode mode (20 watts) or Triode mode (10 watts).  At 53 pounds, this is a serious little amplifier.


Technical Specifications

  • Parallel Single Ended, Class A Design

  • Output Power:    20 watts per channel (pentode);   10 watts per channel (triode)

  • Inputs:    3x line level,   1x phono (MM)

  • Tubes:    2x ECC802 (12au7),   4x EL34

  • MastersounD Transformer

  • Automatic Bias

  • Included Remote Control

  • Dimensions:    19.5" x 11.75" x 8"

  • Weight:    53 lbs.   (24 kg)