High Fidelity Cables CT-2 Double Helix Signature Interconnects

High Fidelity Cables CT-2 Double Helix Signature Interconnects

The CT-2 Signature series features our extreme internal contact enhancement treatment, which is also seen in the Ultimate Reference Double Helix Signature, the Professional Series Double Helix Signature, and the Professional Elite flagship statement products. This enhancer lowers resistance in all the internal mechanical connections and makes for a silky smooth realism that flows music unlike any other ultra high end cable besides, of course, the even higher end High Fidelity Cables products. It is no little achievement; this enhancer is like nothing in our marketplace and designed specifically for internal connections.

The Signature is a statement of technology at work. It delivers music at this price point like no other cable ever made. It offers exceptional value and a true audiophile high end musical yet ultra-revealing clarity like no other cable.

If you are considering a reference cable yet not looking to spend tens of thousands, look no further than the CT-2 Signature. It is a pure elitist product like no other. To this testament it bears the mark of "Signature" and offers performance that will certainly not disappoint.





The cost of XLR cables increases substantially over the RCA version due to the implementation of magnetic conduction.  With an XLR cable, the amount of cable and magnets used double due to the balanced design.

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