High Fidelity Cables MC-1 Pro Helix Plus Power Conditioner

Bringing the power of our already popular MC-1 into a whole new dimension.

The capacitor itself is too small to filter AC on its own, however coupled with the magnetic wave guides it acts to both center electrons within the wave guide as well as draw some energy into and through the wave guide. This makes for a level of magnetic filtering unique to this device.

The Helix + adds to MC-1 Pro High Fidelity Cables' Helix technology. Helix offers a more concentrated stream of electrons by utilizing a more concentrated point in the magnetic field. Electrons concentrate into a magnetic field following the pathway of the magnetic lines of flux. Both the power and audio signals are made from electromagnetism. This means that there is a magnetic element to the flow of electrons. This magnetic element is why we can concentrate and even steer electrons to a particular shape and concentration. The same basic technology to concentrate and steer electrons is used in electron microscopes: To concentrate the beam of electrons a magnet is placed within the microscope. This magnet aligns and concentrates the electrons for a focused view.