High Fidelity Cables MC-1 Pro Power Conditioner

The MC-1 Pro uses Magnetic Conduction in a new way from other High Fidelity Cables products. Borrowing from Pro Elite Power Conditioner and using aspects of our newly patented capacitor design, we couple the power of traditional capacitor filtering with our most powerful magnetic wave guides.


The capacitor itself is too small to filter AC on its own, however coupled with the magnetic wave guides it acts to both center electrons within the wave guide as well as draw some energy into and through the wave guide. This makes for a level of magnetic filtering unique to this device.

The result is lowered high-frequency distortions that curbs harshness and edginess, and greater resolution and better dynamics for a more focused soundstage. Images that have a better, more defined trailing edge will more naturally linger. Tone speed and attack are improved, and bass frequencies sounds more like instruments and less like boomy, undefined energy. Every aspect and ear of sound is improved by the MC-1 Professional series. Adding additional units helps to continue to even further lower noise, so the MC-1 Pro is designed to stack, allowing two or more units to be used together in a plug or power strip.