High Fidelity Cables MC-6 Hemisphere Power Distributor

MC-6 Hemisphere takes magnetic conduction to the next level with the newly developed waveguide system we call the "Hemisphere". Derived from the successful Helix technology used in our very top-end products, the Hemisphere has been specialized for AC power to utilize the magnetic fields inside the wave guide.


Although the heart of the MC-6 Hemisphere is in the advanced waveguide system, there are additional benefits from other components. A selection of the most popular and most requested premium audiophile-grade parts are added into the Hemisphere power conditioner. For those with discerning tastes in the connections themselves, parts like Furutech GTX-D Rhodium-plated receptacles are used. The MC-6 Hemisphere also boasts ceramic-tempered, hard, anodized aluminum receptacle mounting and bottom plates for vibration-resistant mounting systems on the internal waveguides and receptacles. These exotic finishes offer the greatest combination of beauty, resonance control, and durability, and is seemingly made as much for the appreciation of design as audio clarity.


These devices are considered passive and are not current-limiting, unlike most traditional power conditioners.