High Fidelity Cables Reveal Digital

High Fidelity Cables Reveal Digital

The Reveal is the newest addition to High Fidelity Cable's lineup. It was created with one particular goal in mind: to re-define the limits of magnetic conduction, a common-sense yet controversial technology. Magnetic Conduction by nature is so unique that these cables really shouldn’t even be called "cables" as they work from a completely different electrical model.

Our cables are set apart with one basic difference in concept: They are designed with the fact in mind that they carry not electricity as we typically know it, but rather an energy known as electromagnetism. That very fact starts to define the inventive nature of magnetic conduction. It works not only in one realm of electrical energy, but on both the electrical and the magnetic portion of any electrical charge. By targeting the magnetic moment of the electons, High Fidelity Cables controls how the electrons move within the conductor and greatly reduces unwanted signal distortions that are inherent to typical audio grade conductors.





The cost of AES/EBU cables increases substantially over the Coaxial version due to the implementation of magnetic conduction.  With an AES/EBU cable, the amount of cable and magnets used double due to the balanced design.

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