MastersounD BoX

MastersounD BoX

The BoX is the newest entry to MastersounD's superb product line.  Designed around the el34 power tube, this integrated amplifier boasts 35 watts per channel of parallel single ended el34 goodness.  At $3,500, this product is a statement piece that can find its home in most any system, regardless of price.  This is our most exciting product as it offers high single-ended power at a push-pull price tag.  It is simply unparalleled in today's current market.


The US version includes remote volume control and a MM phono input.


Technical Specifications

  • Single Ended, Class A Design

  • Output Power:    35 watts per channel

  • Inputs:    3x line level,   1x phono (MM)

  • Tubes:    2x ECC802 (12au7),   6x EL34

  • MastersounD Transformer

  • Automatic Bias

  • Remote Control

  • Dimensions:    17.25" x 16.25" x 7.5"

  • Weight:    53 lbs.   (24 kg)