MastersounD PF100 Litz Edition

MastersounD PF100 Litz Edition

The constant evolution of the MastersounD projects has allowed to launch his new top of the line amplifiers, “PF100”.
This pair of single ended mono amplifiers, reach the incredible power of 120w in class A for channel and have very special output transformers (key component in a tube amplifier) wrapped in copper litz.
MastersounD is world famous for their unparalleled output transformers, bent manually in their laboratories directly from the hand of designer Luciano Sanavio.  Sanavio is able to use the delicate Litz cables in the newly designed PF100 with absolute mastery. The resolution of the sound is more refined, airy and focused. These litz output transformers have great benefits in terms of dynamics and sound quality and when combined with the very high power of 120W per channel in class A, the PF100 is able to reach an absolute level of truth.

This pair of mono amps have cricitally chosen, custom made components installed by hand on the MastersounD gold boards, paired with high quality silver tin solder. 

MastersounD's newest PF100 has further raised the ceiling of hi-fidelity.

Technical specifications

  • Parallel Single Ended, Class A Design

  • Output Power:    120 watts per channel

  • RCA Inputs:    1x line level

  • Tubes (per monoblock):    3x 6SN7,   4x 845

  • MastersounD Transformer

  • Semi-Automatic Bias

  • Dimensions (per monoblock):    21.5" x 18.5" x 10.75"

  • Weight (per monoblock):    110 lbs.   (50 kg)