MastersounD PHL-5 V2 Preamplifier

MastersounD PHL-5 V2 Preamplifier

The PHL5 V2 is a statement preamplifier that also includes an MM phono preamplifier stage.  The tube complement of three 12au7 and one 12ax7 allows this to have multiple configurations of your favorite NOS tubes.  In addition to the four line level inputs, the PHL5 V2 also offers TWO sets of pre-outs, as well as a line-out.

Technical specifications

  • Class A Design

  • Tubes:    3x ECC802 (12au7),   1x ECC83 (12ax7)

  • RCA Inputs:    4x line level,   1x phono (MM)

  • RCA Outputs:    2x pre-outs,   1x line level

  • RIAA Curve:    +/- 5 dB

  • Input Impedance:    47K ohms

  • Output Impedance:    450 ohms

  • Bandwidth:    1 Hz to 100 Khz, 0 dB

  • Included Remote Control

  • Dimensions:    16.5" x 15.5" x 4.75"

  • Weight:    20 lbs.   (9 kg)