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Rosso Fiorentino Volterra series 2

Rosso Fiorentino Volterra series 2

This is Volterra, full, pristine sound, unconventional electro-acoustic solutions with a distinctive Italian design.


A floor standing loudspeaker design which embodies the heritage of the Rosso Fiorentino brand and its own, now classic and unmistakable style.

Aesthetically, the Volterra series 2 retains most of its original shape and proportions appearing similar to its predecessor. However, it is actually entirely redesigned featuring all the elements of our most recent engineering developments.




  • Type:  2.5-way rear-ported / close box floorstanding system

  • Sensitivity:  88 dBSpl (2.83V/1m)

  • Nominal impedance:  6Ω (min 4Ω)

  • Freq. response(-3dB):  38 Hz - 100 kHz

  • Drivers:  1 x Ø 200mm (8 in) woofer Nomex diaphragm; 1 x Ø165mm (6.5 in) woofer Nomex diaphragm;  1 x Ø28mm (1.1 in) hand treated cloth soft dome tweeter;  1 x ribbon diaphragm ultrasonic generator

  • Cabinet:  multi-layer composite construction comprised of aluminium panels, solid HDF fiberboard and rubber damping elements

  • Dimensions (HxWxD):  107 x 28 x 31.5 cm (42 x 11 x 12.4 in)

  • Weight:  40 Kg (88.2 lb) each

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