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Silent Angel Bastei DC Cables

Silent Angel Bastei DC Cables

The Silent Angel Bastei DC Cables present a great opportunity to upgrade your system at affordable prices.  Designed for the Forester series linear power supplies, these cables allow you to further hear the improvement a LPSU provides to a component.  The Bastei series is offered in both 5v and 12v (specific connectors) and can be utilized not only with Silent Angel, but with any product utilizing barrel connectors.  Please check to ensure the connectors match your unit prior to ordering.


12v connectors: 5.5x2.5mm

5v connectors: 5.5x2.1mm


In addition to different connectors, there are also four different conductor arrangements:


Light Orange: Red Copper for both positive/negative.

Zebra Plaid: Red Copper positive / Silver negative

Black Tiramisu: Silver positive / Red Copper negative

Snowy White: Silver for both positive/negative


As if that weren't enough options already, the Bastei series is also offered in several different lengths.

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