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Silent Angel Forester F2 Linear Power Supply

Silent Angel Forester F2 Linear Power Supply

The Silent Angel Forester F2 LPSU is the perfect upgrade for those audio components requiring external power supplies. While it is still a solid upgrade for a single component, the opportunity to attach four separate devices exists with the F2, including:


  • 12v/3a output
  • 12v/1a output
  • 5v/2a output
  • 5v/1a output


By having an enhanced stable power supply connected to your network and streaming devices, your device's clock module will be able to perform extremely accurate operations, allow network data packets to be transmitted at precise timing, and reduce possible jitter and latency. This all contributes to improved sound quality. Besides, it also enables streamer devices to run in a stabler status and perform better.


If additional upgrade potential is desired, the Silent Angel Bastei DC cables are designed specifically to work with the Forester F2.

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