Sonner Audio Allegro Unum

Fashioned by lovers of music, our speakers aim to channel all the sensations of live music directly to your living room. Feel the music so close you can almost touch it. Hear the fingers of the artist move across their instrument. Envision the size of the stage or studio. Experience music like never before.



Technical Specifications:


System:   2-way stand mount ported speaker

Drivers:   1" Ring Radiator Tweeter,   6" magnesium cone woofer

Enclosure:   Single piece molded curve cabinet with aluminum front baffle

Frequency Range:   43 hz - 23 khz

Nominal Impedance:   8 ohm

Minimum Impedance:   5.5 ohm

Crossover Frequency:   2 khz

Recommended Stand Height:  26"

Dimensions:   14" x 8.27" x 17.75"   ( H x W x D )