Star Sound Technologies 2" Audio Point

Star Sound Technologies 2" Audio Point

Designed to support the largest electronic components, loudspeaker systems, equipment racks, concert reinforcement and DJ speakers, recording studio equipment, power supplies and distribution networks - this Audio Point™ will easily handle the mass and rapid transfer of resonance energy. Not recommended for lightweight equipment.

The bass response from the speaker system instantaneously tightens, as the musical notes in the lower registers become more distinct with the accent on deeper richer bass. You will notice a newfound gain (volume) stage that responds with greater accuracy establishing a stronger marriage to the amplifiers.


Use optional APCD2 Coupling Discs to Insure Surface Protection & Enhanced Performance.


Please note: For proper function and performance value the tip of the Audio Point tip must always face earth. Inverting it will reverse the Audio Point geometry. Sistrum Platforms employs a completely different geometry and is the only exception to this recommendation.



Body Height:  2"

Diameter: 1.25"

Recommended Weight: Up to 400 lbs.+