Star Sound Technologies 0.2" Audio Point

Star Sound Technologies 0.2" Audio Point

The most popular use for this smallest Audio Point™ forms an excellent sonic relationship between a compact monitor speaker enclosure and the loudspeaker stand. When placed between the speaker and stand, the .2AP.7D removes the unwanted resonance from the loudspeaker and transfers the detrimental energy to the stand below, creating a very positive and musically audible sonic improvement. This Audio Point can handle the largest of compact monitors weighing 150 pounds or less.


The .2AP.7D is also featured between satelilite and woofer sections of speaker cabinets. This use eliminates acoustical coupling and permits each enclosure to operate independently from each other.

When stacking electronic equipment the combination of the .2AP.7D with the APCD2 coupling discs (for equipment's surface protection) provides an energy transfer from component to component and on down to the final components grounding plain or racking shelf. The existing plastic or rubber feet located on each component should be removed to maximize sound performance.


Please note: For proper function and performance value the tip of the Audio Point tip must always face earth. Inverting it will reverse the Audio Point geometry. Sistrum Platforms employs a completely different geometry and is the only exception to this recommendation.


Use optional APCD2 Coupling Discs to Insure Surface Protection & Enhanced Performance.


Height: 0.2"

Diameter: 0.75"

Recommended Weight: Up to 50 lbs.