Star Sound Technologies Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel Fill

Star Sound Technologies Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel Fill

Individual price is for a quart of fill.


For Equipment Racks, Loudspeaker Stands and Sistrum Platforms


Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel™ is the preferred ball-bearing steel fill material that is used to fill the support tube assemblies in Sistrum Platforms™. It has also become a favorite material for the High-End Audio Industry to fill racks, amplifier and loudspeaker stands.


One bearing is thinner than a human hair and smaller than a grain of sand (.0091 millimeters each), and multiplied by millions, provides a conductive mass and more importantly an even grain structure to expedite the high speed flow of resonance and traverse the design to the grounding plane. One quart of Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel weighs in at approximately 9 pounds.


This airy mass improves the audible (and inaudible) sound quality and performance of any equipment rack and/or loudspeaker stand by reducing the detrimental effects caused from vibration.


NO SAND, NO LEAD and NO RUBBER products can compare as these substances come from the 'absorbent materials' group.


It remains a fact that sand, lead and rubber materials are a solution to treat the negative effects of resonance and vibration. However, these materials absorb dynamics and micro-dynamics when used with audio and acoustic equipment. They literally soak up and destroy the energies that make the musical presentation exhilarating.


Maintaining and increasing dynamics within the presentation is a primary goal of all audiophiles. If you currently own a stand that can be mass loaded or are using sand and/or lead as the primary fill material, we highly recommend replacing the absorbent material with Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel.