Star Sound Technologies Platter Ground

Star Sound Technologies Platter Ground

Turntable weights and clamps address warping and vinyl record movement.


Unlike weights or clamps, this device approaches the improvement of record sonic performance by transferring resonance and airborne energy at high speed from the vinyl record, tonearm, phono cartridge, and platter to the turntable grounding pole, commonly known as the spindle.

Extraneous energy generated by mechanical, electromechanical and, more importantly airborne resonance, directly affect the tonearm, record and cartridge performance. Amplitudes of this resonance cycle through the turntable structure, the release of which is impeded by friction within the contact of materials (per Coulomb's law).


Research of turbulent energy patterns established on the vinyl record itself has opened doors of new mechanical grounding insight never anticipated by Star Sound product developers. It has been discovered that under constant centrifugal momentum, introduction of the Platter Ground™ caused resonant energies in such a structure to become neutralized (become laminar in fashion). As a result, the resultant force vector of detrimental energy (mechanical, electromechanical and airborne resonances) become purely "normal" (perpendicular) to the spindle, opening a direct pathway for unwanted outside energy to flow away from the table. This in effect expedites the mechanical grounding effect, thus removing (not damping) the resonant byproducts.


These are the opinions of SST engineers. We have no research data currently available to confirm our theorems however, the product has yielded highly audible improvement in performance in our blind A/B testing for 100% of the test subject listeners.


These discoveries open new doors for turntable knowledge, design and function for all of audio. The results will improve turntable performance and design principles for years to come improving the sound of vinyl that touches the soul of all listeners.


Height: 2.25"

Diameter: 2"

Weight: 0.6 lbs.