Star Sound Technologies RP4 Rhythm Platform Rack

Star Sound Technologies RP4 Rhythm Platform Rack

Rhythm Platforms performance can best be described as an emotional moving experience getting much closer to achieving the illusive Live Performance Dynamic from the playback of recorded material.


Research and development on the Rhythm began years ago during the great recession of 2009. The financial digression of the global economy and effects felt in the High-End Audio Industry prompted Star Sound management to evaluate a much changing industry setting forth new goals for the engineering and development of future product offerings.


Management became very aware that we needed to take trade ins of our previously owned products establishing a step up program for listeners in order to create additional monetary equity within every Star Sound pre-owned product keeping the trust and business of our customer for years into the future.


Rhythm Platforms were designated to outperform the Original Sistrum Platforms™ and as with all Star Sound products, that meant investing more monies on, design and testing, raw materials purchases and machining time. Rhythm Platforms however will not outperform the cut above offerings including the Back-STAGE and STAGE Platforms™.


Each midnight-black powder coated 'specialty steel' shelf weighs in at 30 pounds and will easily match up and support the smallest to the largest of equipment chassis. The Micro-Bearing Steel filled steel and brass support rods will hold a ton of equipment weight, transfering resonance at record pace providing one of the most effective performance driven platforms in the Audio Industry.




Each Platform Shelf includes three 1.5" Audio Points and three threaded Tensioning Bolts creating a three point bearing system for component placement. The Audio Points can easily be adjusted and moved to fit any sized equipment chassis. For larger or heavier equipment you may order an optional fourth Audio Point combination establishing a four point bearing system.


The base platform includes three 3" Audio Point Floor Points and three Rhythm Platform Brass Top Caps.


Each additional shelf will include a set of 3 rods of customizable lengths:

  • Rhythm Rod 4, measuring 9.25" and allowing 4.25" of component height.
  • Rhythm Rod 8, measuring 12" and allowing 8.5" of component height.
  • Rhythm Rod 11, measuring 14.75" and allowing 11.5" of component height
  • Rhythm Rod 17 (ADDITIONAL COST), allowing 13.75" of component height


** Component Chassis Height should be measured from bottom to top of chassis only – DO NOT measure the additional heights of the factory installed footer systems as the footer heights will have no bearing on the actual chassis height measurements required to fit the Rhythm Platforms. We recommend the removal of factory footers wherever possible as most are made of rubber, plastics and cork which has an audible and very negative effect on sound quality.