Star Sound Technologies Sistrum Apprentice XL Platform

Star Sound Technologies Sistrum Apprentice XL Platform

The Sistrum Apprentice™ is a geometrical mechanical grounding plane governed by the laws of physics, motion and gravity designed to maximize sound quality from the equipment you already own. They will further reduce the added and unwanted frequencies generated from vibrating wood shelving and racking systems permitting the natural sound of your components to fully develop into the listening environment.


The Apprentice were back-engineered from the original award winning Sistrum Platforms™ model SP-101 which total sales recorded to date are in the thousands of units and was introduced to the High-End Audio and Home Theater Industries in early 2001.


These platforms are designed for use with Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Sub-Woofers, Components, and Turntables, Electronic components resting atop any type of Racking or Wood Shelving and Out-board crossover networks, Televisions – in fact any type of equipment used in the music, video and recording science and entertainment industries.


Enjoy the highly touted Sistrum  listening experience in a new series of affordable, versatile and adjustable equipment supports.