Usher Audio CP-8571

Usher Audio CP-8571

The time-proven and ever-popular CP-8571 gets the new USHER Diamond DMD tweeter and takes another big leap forward in performance.  The sheer musicality of its unique 7″ midrange has become a legend now in loudspeaker design.  Integrating the Diamond DMD tweeter with the system might at first appear to be a daunting task, but their rich texture and musicality are similar and actually synergistic when teamed up. The result is an outstandingly musical speaker.



Technical Specifications:

System:   3-way Ported Floor Standing Speaker

Drivers :   1.25" Diamond Dome Tweeter;   7" Carbon Fiber/Paper Woofer;   8" Carbon Fiber/Paper Woofer
Sensitivity:   87 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
Nominal Impedance:   8 ohms
Frequency Response (-3 dB):   26 Hz ~ 40 kHz
Power Handling:   150 watts
Crossover Frequencies:   2.52 kHz;   282 Hz
Dimensions (w x d x h):   12.4" x 30" x 47.8"
Weight:   193 lbs (87.3 kg)