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Occasionally, we take in pre-owned products to help customers move up the line.  In some cases, this is a trade-up to a higher end product in the same line.  In other situations, we receive products outside of our normal lines.  When this occurs, we often spend time analyzing the product and testing its compatibility with the lines we carry.  

After the analysis is done, we offer these products up for sale.


As evidenced above, AudioThesis is no stranger to trades.  We try to offer fair-market value towards new product.  We want to help you on your audio journey and if a trade helps get you there, we will definitely consider that option.


Regardless of what products you may have in your system, AudioThesis wants to be a part of your journey.  If you find yourself uncertain on how or where to upgrade or just want to explore options, please feel free to contact us.  Unlike many dealers, our experience goes well beyond the brands we carry and we continue to bring in a variety of second-hand products to help us understand synergistic elements throughout the audio industry.

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