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Half Size Series

The Half Size series is aptly named for its intended design: minimalist products in small chassis that will take up half a width of a normal component.

Consisting of two products designed to share an identical chassis, the HS series is as minimalist as its design, yet lack nothing in functionality.

The HS-IPA1 is an integrated amplifier in its simplest forms, but can also offer a phono input and full DAC board if desired.  While the unit is small, the power supply is anything but.  The HS-IPA1 offers 75 watts of high current power.

The HS-DA2 is a versatile stand-alone DAC that can find itself at home in any system.  The base model serves its purpose completely, but the Pre version adds a full-on preamplifier section along with volume control, allowing even greater versatility.


The Space-Conscious Norma Line

The Half Size series is our most affordable and compact line offered.  While it is our tallest chassis at 5" tall, the half-width design allows integration in all but the smallest spaces.  With its simplistic design it also lends itself well to disappearing visually, especially with the ability to turn the front screen off during normal playback.




Output Power:

Output Current:


Frequency Response:

Gain Sensitivity:

Analog Inputs:

Optional Phono:

Headphone Jack:

Optional Digital Inputs:

Crossover Frequency:



Finishing Options:

Integrated Amplifier

75 WPC @ 8Ω ; 150 WPC @ 4Ω 

24 Amps Continuous Current per channel

(100 Amps peak)

0-800 kHz

34 dB

4 Pair Single Ended/RCA

MM/MC - User Selectable Gain/Impedance

6.3 mm - User Selectable Output Sensitivity

USB; 2x SPDIF (RCA); 2x Optical

DSD Compatible; up to 24/192

5"x10"x13.75" (HxWxD)

26.5 lbs

Silver or Black





DAC Technology:

Digital Inputs:

Frequency Response:

Optional Analog Inputs:



Finishing Options:

Digital to Analog Converter with optional Preamplifier Section

PCM 1704

USB 2.0; 2x SPDIF (RCA); AES/EBU; Toslink

RCA (3V); XLR (6V)

2 Pair RCA

5"x10"x13.75" (HxWxD)

11 lbs

Silver or Black

Norma HS series in the News

For additional information on the Norma HS series, including purchasing or dealer inquiries, please contact us below:

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