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Bringing Life Back to the Music


Located in Arlington, TX, AudioThesis was created with the goal of becoming a part of your audio journey and not just selling you a product.  Our mission is to build relationships that cultivate further knowledge and love for all things audio.  Regardless of having decades of experience or just now getting your feet wet in the hobby, we are confident that we can offer solutions and advice to push your system even further.

Our portfolio of products not only represents great value and great products, but also the great people behind those products.  It is not enough to simply perform well: any product line we carry also comes with our stamp of approval as a company we want to do business with because they do things the right way.

We feel confident that regardless of how big or small your budget is, how difficult your room is, or how simple or encompassing you want a component to be, we have a solution for you.



Our appointment times are flexible.  If you would like to visit, please contact us for more information.

Arlington, TX  76001


Thanks for contacting us!

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