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Certaldo Series 2

The new Certaldo Series 2 is a mostly re-thought and redesigned system which takes the performance of our slim design floorstander up to the next level.  This new design maintains the magic and purity of the Pienza monitor while adding an impressive level of dynamics and bass performance.

Improvements to the Certaldo from Series 1 to Series 2 include increasing enclosure volume, reducing distortion from drivers via motor venting and suspension materials, a new and improved flared bottom port, and an entirely redesigned crossover.


The Most Versatile Rosso Fiorentino

The Certaldo series 2 is a not a large speaker - in fact, its smaller than the entry level Elba!  With a compact footprint and narrow width, its a speaker that can fit into any room comfortably without creating a dominant visual presence.  The same can be said for its sonic presence - the Certaldo is like the social butterfly of synergy: it gets along with everything. 

Whether you are starting your journey or have advanced to a high pedigree, the Certaldo is able to find its place with a highly resolving, yet somehow forgiving nature.  Because of its unique character, its become a best-selling product from the Rosso Fiorentino line.

Rosso Fiorentino Demo Space.jpg

Certaldo Series 2



Nominal Impedance:


Frequency Response:

Crossover Frequency:

Recommended Power:





Finishing Options:

2.5 way rear/down firing ported floorstander

88 dB (2.83V, 1m)

8Ω (minimum 5Ω)

1" silk dome neodymium tweeter

(3) 5.25" fiberglass composite cone woofers

40 Hz - 30 kHz 

200 Hz / 2.5 kHz

50-150 watts into 8Ω

solid HDF with internal damping and aluminum front and side panels

42.3"x9.3"x11.9" (HxWxD) 

Standard: Walnut, High Gloss Black

Optional finishes are available in select leathers and a myriad of lacquer finishes.


Certaldo in the News

For additional information on the Certaldo series 2, including purchasing or dealer inquiries, please contact us below:

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