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Fiesole Series 2

The Fiesole is a classic Rosso Fiorentino - our first design that launched the company back in 2007.  Since its first release Fiesole has been greatly appreciated for its pristine sound, musicality, and distinctive design.

Improving such a product wouldn't be easy, but the results are impressive.  The Fiesole series 2 is the culmination of our latest technologies and expertise guided by our great respect for its predecessor.


The 'Statement' Rosso Fiorentino

The Fiesole series 2 is an immediately recognizable speaker - a statement design that has served Rosso Fiorentino for almost two decades.  With its trapezoidal monitor paired with a unique stand, it creates a striking balance of hard lines and seductive curves.

With the introduction of series 2, improvements were not just audible: for the first time, the ability to transition the speaker finish onto the front of the stands transforms the pair into a true piece of art.  The evolution of this model is a prime example of how maturation of design doesn't have to equate to reinventing it.

Rosso Fiorentino Demo Space.jpg

Fiesole Series 2



Nominal Impedance:


Frequency Response:

Crossover Frequency:

Recommended Power:





Finishing Options:

2-way rear-ported stand mount monitor

87 dB (2.83V, 1m)

8Ω (minimum 5Ω)

Ribbon diaphragm ultrasonic generator

1" silk dome neodymium tweeter

6.5" Nomex diaphragm woofer

45 Hz - 100 kHz 

2.2 kHz / 30 kHz

50-150 watts into 8Ω

multi-layer composite including aluminum panels, HDF, and rubber damping.

42"x11.2"x12.4" (HxWxD) with stands

44 lbs (70.5 lbs with stands) 

Standard: Walnut, High Gloss Black

Optional finishes are available in select leathers and a myriad of lacquer finishes.

Fiesole in the News


For additional information on the Fiesole series 2, including purchasing or dealer inquiries, please contact us below:

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